Life and living: Take a breather

Anything—your job, the noisy next-door neighbor, rush-hour traffic, the news—can lead to stress and anxiety. Some people find it helpful to practice mindfulness each day, while others prefer to meditate to remove the physical and mental negativity that surrounds them. Find your Om by visiting these meditation retreats scattered throughout the United States. Namaste.

Esalen | Big Sur, CA

Attend a workshop or book a self-guided exploration of Big Sur’s majestic mountainscape and glittering coastline. Esalen focuses on creativity and the brain, body work, spirituality, leadership, plant medicine and more. Make reservations to enjoy the natural hot springs or the organic farm and garden to expand your personal growth.

Drala Mountain Center | Red Feather Lakes, CO

Against its backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, the Drala Mountain Center provides a serene setting for studying yoga, meditation and contemplative arts. Join a weekend or weeklong getaway as part of a scheduled or self-created program... and choose from 100 programs offered throughout the year.

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health | Stockbridge, MA

Begin your transformative journey with yoga and mindfulness-based education, nestled in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts. In addition to self-guided, solitary retreats, Kripalu also offers an evidence-based resilience program anchored in the science of mindfulness, yoga and positive psychology.

Kalani Big Island Retreat Center | Pahoa, HI

Relax, refresh and rejuvenate your mind and body in the coastal jungles on the Big Island of Hawaii. Take advantage of educational programs, wellness services, permaculture gardening and community living. Find your sense of purpose and joy by attending weeklong retreats centered around yoga, improv or self-mastery.

Retreat in the Pines | Mineola, TX

Women can find a deeper connection with themselves within the forests of east Texas. Created for women by women, Retreat in the Pines offers weekend getaways that promote mindfulness, healing, self-love, grounding and growth through yoga, nature walks, meditation and lifestyle workshops.

Southern Dharma Retreat Center | Hot Springs, NC

Gain greater clarity, wisdom, resiliency and inner stability by attending retreats grounded in Buddhist practice traditions. The Southern Dharma Retreat Center focuses on using noble silence, a tradition that involves refraining from speech (except in emergencies) and not making any social contact. Use the retreat experience to gain a deeper understanding of self.

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