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Realizing Sustainable Growth

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We have been fortunate to build our practice serving clients who are high-wealth/high-income individuals and families, closely held businesses, and local community organizations.  Many of our client relationships involve multi-generational families and supporting them with both the growth and development of second and third generation family members and the succession or transition of assets and/or businesses as a result of retirement.  Our business clients own entities such as professional practices, real estate management/ownership operations, retail outlets,  distributorships and manufacturing companies.

How we Serve

The Addicks CPA Firm specializes in tax, accounting, and technology services that assist our clients with both growth and increasing their peace of mind.  We’re here to assist you with those tasks and areas of expertise where outside assistance, given our specialized knowledge, makes sense. 

Our goal is to add value for you in such a way that the benefit you receive will far outweigh your investment.  We utilize a unique fixed price billing approach where we’ll meet with you and review your needs.  From there, we’ll define a scope of services for the upcoming year and then assign a total fixed price value to the services that we’ll perform for you in that given calendar year.  A payment schedule is then agreed upon and, through regular communications, we adjust our scope of services up or down based upon changes that may occur in your business or new financial or technology needs that arise throughout the year.    You can then enjoy access to our expertise and range of services knowing that it is all covered under your personalized services plan.

Our Sustainable Growth

We implement a strategic planning process in our firm through practice assessments that enable us to identify areas for growth such as defining roles and responsibilities, active involvement of our staff in the planning process, and continually increasing the use of technology to allow the firm and our clients to work more effectively.  This process is ongoing and continuous and we feel it is essential for the sustainable growth of our clients.

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